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Focusing on all of the muscles along your backside! 


Balancing like this on the BOSU engages the entire posterior chain (muscles from back of head to the heals of the feet are working).  And for extra credit, we are also engaging the transverse abdominal muscles (from ribs to hips and front to back), when pulling your belly button in to protect those soft internal organs.  


We love these full body back extensions that work to simultaneously strengthen all back muscles, from your calves to your head!

Pilates could mean a gentle fix to your muscles pain. 

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If you are seeking to enhance your health and quality of life then the Bodywise Pilates Studio is here for you. Bodywise Pilates is nestled in the quaint little town of New Melle, MO. This is a studio designed for small classes and one-on-one training in Pilates, fitness, barre, and meditations. You will develop a consciousness of movement to strengthen, balance and challenge your body whether you are one of strongest athletes or one in need of repair and restoration. We are eager to creatively adapt equipment and exercises for special and challenging circumstances. Begin your journey to better your health with Bodywise Pilates! Beverly Beseda studio owner has over 12 years of experience in Pilates to bring you Bodywise Pilates Studio is in the Heart of New Melle

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